A downloadable game

A game made to be less than 1.44MB as an entry for the FloppyJam.
Play as a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. Scavenge for food, medical supplies and ammunition whilst you get closer to the safe haven.

Made entirely within the command-line console with C#/.NET.

Source code if anyone is interested: https://github.com/LucidSigma/Itty-Bitty-Apocalypse/

Install instructions

Just download the file and extract it.

Make sure that the executable and the levels and data folders are in the same directory. The data folder should have an XML and three CSV files. The levels folder should have several text files.

WASD/Arrow keys - move
IJKL - shoot
H - heal


IttyBittyApocalypse.zip 44 kB


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am i the only person to notice lucidsigma? sometimes I watch ur vids